The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
(Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund)
Loyal, Calm, Bold, Intelligent...

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is rapidly becoming known as the perfect family dog. He is good tempered, highly trainable and patient with children. He is a loyal protector; attentive day and night. The "Swissy" is primarily a working dog. He is large and energetic with a good sense of duty to his family and home. He is very even tempered.

Because of his size and eagerness to work, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is more suited to country living than city life. Typically a draft animal, he loves farm chores, pulling carts and sleds, and children. He does well in obedience training which improves both his mind and body.

The Swissy male weighs around 120 -140 pounds and the femlae weighs around 100 - 110 pounds. The Swissy stands about 28 inches high. He has a short and shiny coat and is always tri-colored black with symmetrical markings of bronze and white.

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About Lisa Mayo
  Lisa Mayo has been devoted to the Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs since 1991, finishing her first homebred champion in 1996. Dogs bearing her kennel name have consistently been listed in the top ten, including 2003 and 2004 Best of Breed at Westminster Kennel Club and the 2004 National specialty winner. Lisa has bred over 25 Champions. Lisa lives in the Texas hill country with her family, and is dedicated to the preservation of the breed.
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