Top 10 Best Custom Kitchen Knives 2020 Reviews

Whether you are a professional chef or just a once-in-a-while at-home cook, kitchen appliances are a must necessity package. The type of tools that you need to make the end-product simply delicious or refresh your moment in the cooking process. You might feel tedious, annoyed while working with cooking knives that are just not right to the hand, especially if you need to prepare a big feast for the party later in the evening! This makes the decision in choosing the right set of best custom kitchen knives very crucial to you. A right set of kitchen knives can save you plenty of time and there is a high chance that you will enjoy cooking! Hence, here we are presenting you our top 10 kitchen knives set thoroughly picked just for you!

Product Features:

Weight: You might need to try holding the knife in your hand to ensure that the piece is just at the right weight ratio to your hand. The knife you want to work with will make you enjoy your time shredding, cutting your vegetables and meat no matter the angle or the shapes. The weight of the knife does not have to be just heavy or light. Some might find the heavier knife easier to cut through the food, especially for bigger chunk, and some might prefer a lighter one to cut the food into pieces in a few-second swift.

Size: most at-home cooks do enjoy working with an 8-inches knife due to its multi-purpose ways of use. While this 8-inch knife is the most common and popular purchased type of knife, a 10-inches knife is preferably used to cut through a bigger volume of food such as big fish fillet or bigger fruit like a watermelon. Some would also own a shorter knife, 6-inches, which is more flexible in cutting and its simplicity in versatile purposes.

Balance: a good knife should offer a well-balanced feeling to the touch, especially when you need focused attention to the cut like perfecting your fish fillet. This is directly related to the knife handle, so make sure before you purchase a knife, you would try taking a hold on the knife and try a swift move. Just feel the balance.

10. Kurschmann 15-Piece Kitchen Knife Set

Kurschmann 15-Piece Kitchen Knife Set

The first one we would recommend to all at-home cooks and chefs is the Kurschmann 15-Piece kitchen knife set in Upright Acacia Block painted in white. The metal pieces are designed using top quality German stainless steel material straight from the blades to the handles, tuck into white-coated Acacia wood block to fit onto your kitchen counter perfectly. The set offers ranges of all knife types for you ranging form steak knife, Santoku, bread cutting knife, a carving knife for your fruit decoration, a utility knife for everything else, plus scissors and a sharpener, not that you are going to need it soon. Moreover, the Kurschmann knife set comes in a sleek packaging that might be super useful if you are finding the right gift box for your friend working as a chef!


  • Heat molded handles to resist heat and provide durability
  • High-performance German stainless-steel blades
  • Comes with a gift-like packaging

9. XINZUO Chef Knife 8 Inch 67 Layer Japanese VG10 Damascus Steel Kitchen Knife

XINZUO Chef Knife 8 Inch 67 Layer Japanese VG10 Damascus Steel Kitchen Knife

This number 9 on our list is specifically designed for traditional style enthusiasts in the kitchen. This Xinzuo chef knife is made sharp like a razor blade for a swift style of cutting using 67 Layers High Carbon Damascus Steel with 10Cr core, with a bonus feature of anti-corrosion and never go rusty on you. XinZuo provides a handle design that will create a comfortable and balanced holding and give the best level to cut through everything smoothly. Using Pakka wood with its luxury finishing, this piece will attract you at your first glance. Moreover, its blade design is unique, so it’s best recommended for those who love collecting well-crafted knives to add to their collection.


  • Unique and elegant design
  • Razor-sharp blades with Damascus stainless steel
  • 8-inches suitable for everyone

8. Ross Henery Professional 9 Piece Chef Knife Set

Ross Henery Professional 9 Piece Chef Knife Set

Having high performing knives at your grip makes your party meal preparation faster, easier, and safer. Cutting and slicing through all types of food and fruits has never been easier with our number 8 recommendation on the list. The Ross Henery 9-Piece Chef Knives Set comes in a collection of kitchen knives to serve chefs and cooking enthusiasts all purposes related to food. The blades of each knife are made exceptionally sharp to the cut using high-carbon stainless steel for a harder, tougher, sharper blade that resists corrosion and rust. This full set design also ensures perfect balance and weight, with sleek ergonomic grip, handles on every blade guaranteeing all the fast-speed, swift movement matching to your knife skill. All blades are crafted by hand and polished at the factory to deliver the set of pieces that bring only luxury into your hands.


  • High-carbon stainless steel blade
  • Sleek ergonomic handles ensuring balance
  • Japanese-styled, perfect for the gift

7. LEVINCHY Damascus Chef’s Knife 8 inch Professional Japanese Damascus Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Razor Sharp

LEVINCHY Damascus Chef's Knife 8 inch Professional Japanese Damascus Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Razor Sharp

If you are looking for a knife luxuriously crafted, we recommend you to this lovely piece Levinchy 8 inch blades made with high-quality 67-layer super (HRC 60±2) Damascus steel for wear-resistant, durable, resists rust, stain-resistant and would never go old. This hand-finished with a mirror polish at 8-12° per side, is ready to meet all the chef’s requirements for the knife. The sharp blade is made smooth and transparent like a mirror, for slicing all types of fruit and meat, while ensuring its sharpness for a long time as if it was still new. This model is again designed with an ergonomically PAKKA handle, which is very comfortable and provides a well-balanced grip when you are performing. The well-balanced weight between the handle and the sharp blade makes your cooking experience like you are a professional chef. This 8-inch Damascus chef knife is specifically crafted to endure all types of cutting on the cutting board at any occasion. You can easily slice and slice meat, fish, bread, fruits, vegetables, etc. Then again, the knife comes in a high-quality black gift box, suitable to be purchased as a gift for a friend or your loved ones.


  • Luxurious design with sleek gift-like packaging
  • Made with 67 Layer Damascus stainless steel blade
  • Multi-purpose with 8 inches blade

6. Chef Knife – Sunnecko 8″ Kitchen Knife

Chef Knife - Sunnecko 8

While this is a chef knife, a beginner in the kitchen should consider this design for their cooking experience as well as this model comes with a proprietary oval Stainless steel curved and molded G10 embed handle, which is purely for the comfortableness to hold in your hand. With an attached blade to the handle, the knife ensures the well-balanced movement and heighten your safety! The piece is designed with a Japanese VG-10 cutting core with 36-layers stainless steel Damascus cladding, creating a flowing pattern of the layered steel. The result is a line of knives that are sharp, tough, and anti-corrosion and rust. This razor-sharp blade is designed to fit every day cooking tasks with its 8 inches long blade, the prepping knife performs well with vegetables, fish and fruits when slicing, dicing, and chopping.


  • User-friendly shape design
  • 36 layer Damascus stainless steel
  • Attached handle ensuring well-balanced grip

5. XYJ Full Tang Butcher Knife Handmade Forged Kitchen Chef Knife High Carbon Clad Steel Butcher Cleaver with Leather Knife Sheath

XYJ Full Tang Butcher Knife Handmade Forged Kitchen Chef Knife High Carbon Clad Steel Butcher Cleaver with Leather Knife Sheath

Our number 6 on the list is a Chinese influenced butcher chef knife. The XYJ Full Tang butcher knife is made of Manganese steel, with the handle and the blade molded as one piece to ensure a well-balanced grip and smooth movement. The blade is sharpened by the hands of workers with more than 30 years of experience using natural knife grinders mined from Mount Emei. Compared with kitchen knives forged in a factory, this craftmanship is another whole new experience to work with. With its ergonomic full Tang handle, this handle allows for a handful of grip, well-balanced, and non-slippery while chopping. The kitchen cleaver butcher knife is a great beauty, impeccable performance this strong design with good strength, durability. The butcher knife kitchen comes with a unique leather knife sheath to protect the knife blade, safe to hold and to keep.


  • Manganese steel
  • Wooden handle fitting to the grip
  • Hand-crafted craftmanship design

4. DALSTRONG Chef’s Knife – 9.5″ – Shogun Series

DALSTRONG Chef's Knife - 9.5

Our number 4 is a Dalstrong culinary revolution combining outstanding and award-winning craftsmanship that is just what you professional chefs alike needed in your collection. The designed blade is made sharp like a scalpel and is hand finished to a mirror polish using the traditional 3-step Honbazuke method. Then, it was Nitrogen-cooled for enhanced toughness, flexibility, anti-corrosion, and rustiness. This Darlstrong piece is made with ultra-sharp AUS-10V Japanese super steel cutting core at 62+ Rockwell hardness. With the 66 layers of premium high-carbon stainless steel layers, the blade ensures smoothness, durability, and corrosion resistance. Designed with a full tang from the blade to the handle, Ultra-premium G-10 handle is perfectly balanced to the grip and is ready to take on anything on the cutting board for your cooking feast.


  • Ultra-premium G-10 handle for perfect grip
  • AUS-10V Japanese stainless-steel blade
  • Perfect fit for the professional chef

3. TUO Damascus Cutlery Nakiri Knife 6.5” – Vegetable Cleaver Kitchen Knives

TUO Damascus Cutlery Nakiri Knife 6.5” - Vegetable Cleaver Kitchen Knives

Designed with a length of 6.5 inches long, this TUO Cutlery RING-D Series Nakiri Knife won its title as the best kitchen knife by the International Kitchen Knife Association, due to its unique and artistic craftmanship and incomparable top-notch performance. It is a multipurpose knife designed to serve all the functions for professional chefs such as chopping, mincing, slicing & dicing all kind of meat, vegetables, and fruit. TUO Cutlery Ring-D Series Super Sharp Blade is crafted using 67 Layers AUS-10 Japanese High Carbon Damascus Stainless Steel with a touch of Rose Pattern for elegance. Specifically designed for corrosion resistance, the steel blade can be completely transformed into a razor-sharp surface ready to cut into any obstacles. The handle of the blade is made with Military-Grade G10 WOVEN FIBREGLASS Handle, it has a high resistance to the heat, cold, and moisture and is presented in midnight black color with red rings to the touch.


  • 67 Layer Damascus stainless steel blade
  • Military-Grade G10 woven handle resistant to heat
  • 6.5 inches fit for multi functions

2. Dnifo Chef Knife, 8 Inch Kitchen Knife-Professional Chefs Knife

Dnifo Chef Knife, 8 Inch Kitchen Knife-Professional Chefs Knife

This second place knife comes with an 8-inch-long blade and is specifically forged from Japanese 67 layers Damascus and AUS-10 stainless steel. Designed for professional chefs and home cook alike, the exceptional piece can easily handle your daily kitchen tasks of cutting, slicing, chopping, mincing, and dicing of fruits, vegetables, and all kinds of meat with ease. The incredibly razor-sharp blade is made using a hand-polished technique to deliver the exquisite feeling and experience to the grip. In addition to the top-notch blade design, the handle of the full-tang model is made from top Military Grade G10 Black Handle Triple Riveted to the extra strength & durability, and balanced grip for longer period of performance.


  • Japanese 67 layers Damascus stainless steel and AUS-10 steel
  • Hand-polished for an elegant feeling to the hand
  • Full-tang military-grade G10 black handle

1. Chef’s Knife – Professional 8 Inch Damascus Blade with Japanese VG-10 Stainless Steel – Chef Kitchen Knives

Chef's Knife - Professional 8 Inch Damascus Blade with Japanese VG-10 Stainless Steel - Chef Kitchen Knives

Down to our champion, influenced by Asian culture, this Asian hybrid 8-inch blade is comprised of 67 layers of VG-10 Japanese stainless steel that allow you to slice through any types of meat, vegetable, or fruit on the cutting board. With the full-tang design of the blade to the handle, the knife is made to fit into your grip like a second-hand to ensure your smooth cutting and well-balanced performance. Featuring an ergonomic Pakka wood handle for a non-slip grip. Thus, you can cut every piece of your meat and vegetable at great precision and preferred size. Adding to the simply elegant look of the piece, this model makes the perfect present on any occasion as it comes in a customized packaging box ready to go as your gift for your loved ones!


  • 67 layers of Japanese VG-10 stainless steel
  • Non-slip and well-balanced wood handle
  • Simple yet elegant design


Coming down to the end of the list, we hope you can already find your favorite knife. If not, you can always take your time, but make sure to have a good pick. Enjoy your shopping!!

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