Top 10 Full Size Soccer Goals 2020 Reviews

If we’re talking about the soccer game, there are all sorts of necessary things required to make the game a complete one. Team members? Yes. Uniforms? Yes. Soccer shoes? Yes. Soccer ball? Yes. And what else? Of course, it’s the “soccer goal”! Since there has to be a winning and losing team in a game, the one thing to determine such an outcome is the number of goals. Whether it’s a competition or friendly match if scoring doesn’t matter, then what’s the point of playing anyways?

There are different types of soccer goals out there on the market, so we thought you might be indecisive. Therefore, we have sorted out those options to just 10 most popular full-size soccer goals for you. Also, we’re going to include some tips that you may find beneficial to your decision-making.

Product Features:

Quality: This is always an important feature you shall consider before buying any product. Check what kind of materials the product is made from. For long-term use, make sure the soccer goal is constructed from weather-proof materials. Moreover, you shall consider the soccer goal with a lightweight frame and has a freestanding feature.

Portability: If the soccer goal comes in the portability feature, you’ll get to play the soccer game anywhere you want. In this regard, just bring the portable soccer goal along, and all is done.

Easy to Assemble: For your own satisfaction, you can look for the soccer goal that is quite easy to assemble. In this sense, it will help save you both time and energy.

10. SKLZ Portable Soccer Goal and Net

SKLZ Portable Soccer Goal and Net

This portable soccer goal and net by SKLZ comes in an easy to assemble feature. In this regard, when you want to start or stop the soccer game, you can easily set it up or break it down respectively in just 2 minutes. This is designed for quite an intense soccer training. For this reason, it is made to be extremely durable. The package comes with a strong 2-ply net and the click-lock tubes that are convenient to assemble all the pieces together. The easy to set up and the lightweight feature also contributes to the portability purpose.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Extremely durable
  • Perfect for intense training

9. Amazon Basics Portable Soccer Goals

Amazon Basics Portable Soccer Goals

You can start your soccer training anytime you want with this Amazon Basics portable soccer goal. With the easy to assemble feature, not only can you easily create a practice game, you as well can set up a competition with your friends or colleagues. This soccer goal is great for everyone regardless of their ages, genders, skill levels, or game types. For outdoor usage, it is quite sturdy and reliable as it is constructed from fiberglass and steel. With the rugged 2-ply netting, it ensures to withstand powerful shots. For extra stability, it also comes with a metal ground stake. To add, the package also includes the carry bag for easy storage and portability purposes.


  • Portable and easily stored with a carry bag
  • Great for everyone regardless of ages, genders, skill levels, or game types
  • Sturdy and reliable

8. GOLME Portable Soccer Net

GOLME Portable Soccer Net

With this GOLME portable soccer net, you can play your soccer game anywhere you find comfortable. It designs to be in one piece, so it’s quite easy and quick to set up or take down in just 3 minutes. In terms of portability and storage features, this soccer net can be folded down to a small portion of its full size. It is also extremely durable for it is made from aircraft-grade aluminum. Such constructed material also makes it light in weight. You can further try this product for 30 days with a risk-free option. If you decide to buy it, you’ll get an additional warranty for 1 year.


  • Portable
  • Easy to set up and takedown
  • Easily kept
  • Extremely durable
  • 1-year warranty

7. FORZA Soccer Goal

FORZA Soccer Goal

Coming at 7th, this FORZA soccer goal comes in 3 sizes that can fit different requirements. Its constructed materials are high in quality making it a very durable metal soccer goal. It can withstand harsh weather conditions for it is made to be weatherproof that is resistant to rust and corrosion. This feature makes it perfect to use for outdoor games. Despite, it is very suitable for an indoor game as well. Without any extra tools needed, this soccer goal is quick to fully assemble every piece together. The built-in locking system also contributes to ease of the set-up process. Furthermore, the freestanding design allows such a product to be perfectly in sync with any surface. Above all, though it is made for heavy-duty play, it is light enough to be moved around with just two people.


  • Premium-quality constructed material
  • Weatherproof – resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor games
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Light enough to be moved around

6. Net World Sports Forza Backyard Soccer Goal – 6 Sizes

Net World Sports Forza Backyard Soccer Goal – 6 Sizes

If you’re looking for the soccer goal to put in your backyard, this is one of the best products you’ll ever find. It can be used for a variety of games – kid soccer, training, junior match. For high durability and performance, this soccer goal is made from premium PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) which is known for its lightweight, abrasion-resistance, and toughness. The net comes with a UV-treatment for extra protection against bad weather. In terms of increasing strength, durability, and stability; it comes with a strong locking system. On top of that, you can get this product with its speedy delivery option that is guaranteed to be within 24 hours.


  • Perfect for a variety of games
  • High durability and performance
  • Made from premium PVC – lightweight, abrasion-resistance, and toughness
  • UV-treatment net
  • Strong locking system
  • Fast delivery system – within 24 hours

5. Net World Sports Forza Soccer Goal – 5 sizes

Net World Sports Forza Soccer Goal – 5 sizes

Constructing from a premium PVC, this soccer goal literally guarantees to serve you world-class durability. Basically, it’s an ideal soccer goal that you can put in your backyard. With its strong locking system, you can set up an exciting and intense soccer game in the backspace of your house. This feature also contributes to enhancing the strength of the goal post as well as the easy to set up function. It can be used for futsal – an indoor soccer game, or an outdoor one. It further has a fine-constructed net that is UV-treated and the overlocked rope edge for extra strength to the goal post. Just like the previous soccer goal under the same brand, this one also comes with a fast delivery option. Literally, you can get it within just 24 hours if you’re to purchase this product.


  • Serves world-class durability
  • Perfect for intense training session or competition
  • Easy to set up and fold down
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor games
  • Strong netting – withstand powerful shots
  • Fast delivery option – within 24 hours

4. FORZA Soccer Goal – 10 Sizes

FORZA Soccer Goal – 10 Sizes

This soccer goal is the perfect choice for a soccer game – be it practice session, junior or kid games. It is constructed based on the specifications of FIFA as well as adhering to other international safety standards. It is available in 10 different sizes that can be flexible in usage for all age groups. Using the materials with the highest quality to construct, this soccer goal will indeed serve its purpose for a very long time. It can as well be easily folded to small size for the purposes of easy storage and transport. It is also made to withstand bad weather conditions and less prone to rust and corrosion. For extra protection and durability, the nets feature a UV treatment.


  • Adhere to international safety standards
  • Can be used for all age groups
  • Durable
  • Easy for storage and transport
  • Weatherproof

3. Pinty Soccer Goal

Pinty Soccer Goal

Just like any other soccer goals, this one also allows you to play your soccer game with ease. Coming with 5 different target areas, it is also perfect for kids to practice their shooting skills. It is highly durable and heavy-duty made for it is constructed from powder-coated steel. This feature allows this soccer goal to endure bad weather conditions as it is resistant to rust and erosion. For stability, it has steel tubes for support so you’re needless to worry that it can get overturned when a strong wind comes. Literally, this soccer goal is great for players of all skill levels. It can further bear strong shooting balls with its strong locking system. Not least of all, you can assemble the whole thing within just a short amount of time. Weighing 22lbs, it is convenient for storage and carry around.


  • Perfect for kids to practice and improve their shooting skills
  • Durable and resistant to rust and erosion
  • Stable
  • Easy to assemble and transport

2. FORZA Proflex Portable Soccer Goal

FORZA Proflex Portable Soccer Goal

This is the most convenient portable soccer goal ever available on the market thanks to its easy to set up and fold away feature. As it can easily be folded to a small compact size, you can also keep and carry it around with ease. Constructing from high-quality materials of white tarpaulin PVC, this is perfect for real soccer games or just practice sessions. It is built to last for a long period of time yet light in weight. The 5-ply netting is highly durable and can withstand powerful shooting balls. Coming with a freestanding feature, it is perfect to be installed on different surfaces. To mention, it can come in many sizes – be it a mini-soccer goal, futsal, or outdoor soccer game.


  • Easy to set up and fold away
  • Easily stored and carried around
  • Durable
  • Perfect for any types of soccer plays

1. PowerNet Soccer Goal

PowerNet Soccer Goal

Topping our list, this PowerNet soccer goal is great for both indoor or outdoor games. It takes just minutes to set up everything if you’re to play soccer with your friends or colleagues. Without needing any additional tools, you can easily and quickly assemble every piece together into a complete soccer goal. It is heavy-duty made and designed to withstand powerful shots. For extra stability, it also comes with metal ground stakes. For long-term usage and transporting purposes, you can easily fold such equipment into a small size and store it into the provided strong-zipper carrying bag.


  • Great for indoor and outdoor games
  • Easily and quickly assemble the whole thing
  • Withstand powerful shots
  • Long useful life and portable
  • 1-year warranty


Now that you have browsed through the useful tips and the top pick list we have provided; we hope you already have in mind the product you’re going for. Don’t constrain your opinions because of the provided ranking. Just consider its features and advantages with the price it has to offer whether it’s proportionate and acceptable. By adhering to this rationale, we ensure you will not have any regrettable decision. Enjoy your shopping!

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