Top 10 Hand Massage Machines 2020 Reviews

A hand massage machine, also known as electric hand massage, is a piece of electrical massage equipment used to relieve pains from your wrist, palm, and fingers. Normally, we will experience soreness and aches after long day work. For those who work much with their hands like writers, office workers, or musicians playing the keyboard instruments; at the end of the day, they will face real pains to their palm, wrist, and fingers. With these being said, by taking a short time off to relax the muscle tension, you will feel way much better. Here is why we will introduce you to the hand massage machines that can soothe your stiff and aching hands. Here are some features you shall consider before buying the best hand massage machine.

Product Features:

Constructed Materials: We always have to look out for the quality of the materials used to construct the hand massage machine. For durability and long-term usage, consider buying one that uses premium-quality materials like aluminum casing. Additionally, make sure that the interior is made of a soft cushion for comfortable use.

Compression: Hand massage works to relieve your pains through squeezing your hands. Usually, it has the air pressure bags that will inflate and deflate to provide massage to your hands and boost your blood circulation.

Vibration: This feature is also essential to help free your hands from all discomfort and soreness. Through the vibration, the hand massage machine helps loosen your muscle tension and reinstate your hands to full energy again.

Battery Pack: For such a portable electric hand massage, go find one with a high-capacity battery. Coming with a powerful battery life, you will be able to use the product for a longer runtime. Thus, look for the hand massage machine that comes with a USB charger and other required accessories, so you don’t need to waste your time buying all the other accessories.

10. PGG X7 Pro Electric Hand Massage

PGG X7 Pro Electric Hand Massage

First on our list is PGG X7 Pro electric hand massage. You’ll need not worry about getting dimples on your hand thanks to its ergonomic design and acupoint distribution. Besides, it comes with convenient buttons display on the front panel including 2 pressure modes and 3 levels of heat intensity. The compression mode operates through the built-in air pressure that inflates and deflates rhythmically. This feature squeezes and relieves pains from all parts of your hands, and promote blood circulation. Also, the heat compression offers you a very soothing hand therapy and keeps them warm and moist. This cordless hand massage device has a Lithium-Ion battery that is rechargeable to 100% within 30 minutes through the provided USB cord. The product package also includes the hand-held finger massager that helps enhance your blood circulation. Above all, it is lightweight and portable so you can pack it in your bag and use it anywhere or anytime that you want.


  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Relieves hands pains and promotes blood circulation
  • The battery is rechargeable within 30 minutes
  • Includes hand-held finger massager
  • Lightweight and portable

9. Hand Massager by Prourbier

Hand Massager by Prourbier

This hand massager by Prourbier is designed to give you the ultimate hand relaxation. With its heat compression feature, it effectively relieves muscle tension from your palm, fingers, and knuckles; as well as carpal tunnel syndrome. It further helps strengthen your handgrip with the included finger exerciser. It is perfect for soothing heat therapy with its 6-level pressure programs. However, we recommend that you can start from level 1 and later choose the level that best suits you. This heat compression feature comes with the inflated/deflated air pressure that helps squeeze away all your hands soreness and enhance your blood flow. Not to mention, it is also easy and comfortable to use thanks to its ergonomic, lightweight, and portable designs. To mention, its battery-life can be recharged via the provided USB cord.


  • Relieves muscle tension from all parts of your hand, and treats carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Helps strengthen handgrip
  • 6-level pressure programs
  • Easy and comfortable to use – ergonomic, lightweight, and portable designs
  • Rechargeable via USB cord

8. HoMove Hand Roller Massager

HoMove Hand Roller Massager

This hand-roller massager by HoMove includes all sorts of features to relieve the hand’s pains. Through kneading and joint-rolling massage, it compresses your soft tissues against the underlying bones and helps
enhance your blood circulation to relax your finger muscle. Thus, the air pressure option comes in 19 groups of airbags that expand and shrinks at a constant pace providing comfort to your hands. Also, you can warm your hands while massaging with the built-in heat settings. This option is efficient in promoting your blood flow, relaxing your muscles, and treating stiffness and cramping. To add, it includes an adjustable intensity function that allows you to adjust the levels of massaging to your own liking and comfort. To mention, the product package comes with additional accessories like charger, canvas bag, and user manual.


  • Enhances blood circulation
  • Deals with finger stiffness and cramping
  • Gives off warmness through the heat settings
  • Adjustable intensity
  • 30-day warranty – Full return

7. Electric Hand Massager for Palm Massage by COTSOCO

Electric Hand Massager for Palm Massage by COTSOCO

Ergonomically designed, this electric hand massager covers the whole part of your hands and provides a very effective compression therapy. It includes features like air pressure compression, heat, and vibration; where all are essential to give comfort and relaxing your hand’s muscles. The compression works by inflating and deflating the built-in airbags in rhythms. This function helps pressure your whole hands ranging from the wrist to palm and fingers. The heating option helps to circulate your blood more smoothly and heals swelling, and the vibration helps lessens your hand’s numbness, pains, and cramping. With the soft interior cushion, you’ll comfortably enjoy your hand massaging experience. Not least of all, with the rechargeable battery via the provided charger, you can carry and use this device anywhere and anytime you want.


  • Provides effective compression therapy
  • Helps with blood circulation, swelling, numbness, and cramping
  • Comfortable use
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 18-month warranty; full refund within 3 months

6. Breo WOWOS Women Hand Massager

Breo WOWOS Women Hand Massager

This Breo WOWOS hand massager is a good-looking and durable hand massaging device. Coated with aluminum and a soft PU leather on the inside, not only it delivers you a sense of style and durability; it as well provides you with all the comfort you’ll ever need for your hand massage. Thus, this hand massage machine is specifically designed for women using the 5 independent airbags to compress the nails, fingers, and palms. This accurate massage positioning will give you the best massaging experience ever. It further has the air compression feature that addresses the hands pain relief like carpal tunnel syndrome, or arthritis. To add, by installing and using the Breo app, you can control the 5 massaging modes and 3-level intensity easily to your liking.


  • Specifically designed for women
  • Good-looking and durable
  • Comfortable use
  • Hand pain relief
  • Easy to control the massaging process via the Breo App
  • 18-month warranty

5. Breo iPalm520 Shiatsu Hand Massager

Breo iPalm520 Shiatsu Hand Massager

Breo brand is quite well-known and has been on the lead since 2000 concerning its objective in producing and selling high-quality products. With this iPalm520 Shiatsu hand massager under such a brand, it is constructed with top-selected materials and delivers the satisfaction to the users. In this sense, it comes with essential features like air pressure and heat compression that helps circulate your blood flow more freely and save you from the hand and finger pains. It uses the reflexology practice that applies pressure to specific areas of the body, in this context, hands to make them feel relaxed and less tense. Not only that this brand aims to deliver the customers premium-quality products, but it also further gives secure to the after-sale service. By this, it means you can get a full refund if you’re not satisfied with your purchase within 30 days.


  • Brand reputation
  • High-quality product
  • Addresses all sorts of hand pains issue
  • Secure after-sale services – full refund within 30 days

4. Comfier Wireless Hand Massager

Comfier Wireless Hand Massager

This is another cordless and wireless electric hand massager that is quite popular in online shopping. It features the heat air compression option that pampers all parts of the hands to ensure that they have total relaxation. This feature comes in 3 pressure modes and 3 levels of intensity that you adjust to your liking and comforts. Additionally, it has the heat-setting that helps keep your hands warm and moist; and sorts out your hand’s pain issue and promotes your blood flow. Since it’s cordless and lightweight, you’ll have an easy time packing this device and use it anywhere and anytime. To add, it can be recharged via the given USB charger. This is a great gift to your close people like mom, dad, and grandparents to help relieve their hand’s pain and regulate their health.


  • Relieving pains from all parts of the hands
  • Keeps your hands warm and moist
  • Cordless, portable, and lightweight
  • Rechargeable via USB cord
  • Great gift choice for close-tide people
  • Full refund within 30 days

3. Electric Head Scalp Massage by FENGBIN

Electric Head Scalp Massage by FENGBIN

This electric massager aims to deliver comfort and relaxing feeling to your head through to your legs. Coming with 28 independent nodes and 3D compressing, it fits perfectly fits the size of your scalp and helps enhance your head blood circulation, hair growth, pain, and stress relieving. This feature further helps minimize the soreness of other body parts like back, neck, shoulders, and more through to your legs. It is well-resistant against water where you can use it while showering and has 4-mode tension that is adjustable to your preference and comfort. This device is quite easy to use with its one-button operation and wireless charging. After fully charged, you can enjoy 2 full-hour massages.


  • Delivers pain-relieving from head to legs
  • Waterproof, can use while showering
  • Adjustable 4-mode tensions
  • Easy to use
  • Wireless charging – 2 full-hour massage

2. Purology LX Hand Massager by Generic

Purology LX Hand Massager by Generic

This hand massage machine works to deliver a hand-pain relieving massage by using the compression feature. It applies pressures throughout different parts of your hand including wrist, fingers, and palm. To match your needs, it comes with 6 different levels of intensity that can be adjusted to your preference. Also, the heating-function helps ease and improve your blood circulation and dismiss your hands from all sorts of pains. You’ll slowly feel warm and comfortable; and then when your hand muscles start to loosen its tension as well. You’ll receive a 1-year warranty if you’re to purchase this product. In this sense, you can get a full refund if you’re satisfied with your purchase within the guaranteed period.


  • Adjustable 6 levels of pressure intensity
  • Improves blood circulation and relieving all sorts of hands pains
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • 1-year warranty – Full refund available

1. Lunix Cordless Electric Massager

Lunix Cordless Electric Massager

Topping our list, this Lunix Cordless electric hand massager has all sorts of features and qualities that such a device shall have. It includes air compression, heat and vibration, and 6 adjustable levels of compressing pressures. Mainly, it provides an intense hand massaging experience to you. Coming with the 6 adjustable levels of intensity, you can alter to any level that you feel most comfortable and soothing. Thus, the heat and vibration also help sort you out from any hand problems like soreness, numbness, or cramping, and make your blood flow more smoothly. This product highly prioritizes quality; therefore, we ensure that all products distributed and sold on the market are well-tested and constructed from premium-quality materials. Since this is a family-oriented business, it is noted that more than 300 patients with arthritis pain and carpal tunnel syndrome have received dramatic recovery to their illnesses.


  • Includes all features that a hand massage machine shall have
  • Comfortable usage
  • Save you from hand pains troubles
  • Products are tested and high quality
  • Lifetime warranty


After browsing through our buying guides and selected top picks, we hope you already have the best product in mind. Keep in mind that the above ranking is not necessary for you to strictly follow. You may have your own rationality and mindsets. Also, having many features does not justify a product to be the best one that you should buy. Follow your preference and budget, and you’ll get the best decision-making. Enjoy your shopping!

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