Top 10 Korean Rice Cooker 2020 Reviews

It is a fact that rice is the backbone of every Asian dish. For this simple yet important reason, we can see that some of the Asian households will definitely own the rice cooker – the kitchen gadget that cannot be missed. However, some would still use the mix of traditional and modern approach, which is to cook rice on the stove. For the rice that is cooked using such a method, you’d have to standby and check for its progress. Unlike the earlier, with the electronic rice cooker, you just have to go through some simple steps and the rice will be served in around 20-30 minutes. Not to mention, the rice cooker also offers the function to cook a variety of recipes. This article will help narrow down your options to just 10 popular rice cookers.

Before that, we will provide some simple guides on how you can cook the rice using the electronic rice cooker. This is mainly for those who just got introduced to this simple yet modern technology.

  • Based on your preference, measure the grain with the cup provided; and put it into your pot
  • Clean the grain to get rid of some dirty substances
  • Measure the water accordingly with your input rice grains
  • Push the rice grains off the sides and under the water level
  • Place the pot into the rice cooker
  • Wait for it to be cooked for 20-30 minutes
  • Keep the cooked rice in “keep warm” mode for 10-15 minutes before opening the lid

10. Zojirushi Rice Cooker

Zojirushi Rice Cooker

First on the list is the rice cooker by Zojirushi. This rice cooker has 4-cooking settings – white rice, brown rice, steam menu, and cake menu. Regardless of different settings, the outcome of cooking from such a device is perfect and tasty. It has a removable inner lid and non-stick inner cooking pan, both of which serve the purpose of easy cleaning. It also comes in a steam basket that allows you to steam your foods. Moreover, it has a built-in retractable power cord that enables you to easily transport such a device around. Just like any rice cookers, this one comes in the automatic keep-warm, reheating, and delay timer settings.


  • 4-cooking settings including white and brown rice, steaming, and cake
  • Ease of cleaning – removable inner lid and non-stick inner cook pan
  • Retractable power cord – Portability
  • Keep-warm, reheating, and delay timer

9. Tiger JBV-A10U Rice Cooker

Tiger JBV-A10U Rice Cooker

Coming with a synchro-cooking function, this rice cooker allows you to cook the rice and the main dish simultaneously saving you time for preparing a meal. In a single press of a button, this appliance activates the Automatic Cooking Logic System that can monitor the temperature of your cooking producing a perfect meal for you and your loved ones. On the front panel, you can find the 4 cooking-menu settings – plain rice, synchro-cooking, brown rice, or slow cook/steam. With its non-stick and non-scratch exterior, you’ll find it very easy to clean up the mess after the cook. This will, as a result, save you a lot of time for other house chores.


  • Synchro-cooking function – cook rice and main dish simultaneously
  • Automatic Cooking Logic System
  • 4 cooking-menu settings
  • Easy to clean

8. Amazon Basics Rice Cooker

Amazon Basics Rice Cooker

This rice cooker has a cooking capacity of up to 10 cups of uncooked rice which approximately equals 20 cups of the cooked one. Considering this feature, it really is a rice cooker for a large household or for partying occasion. Thus, the fully-cooked rice is perfectly fluffy giving satisfaction when eating. With its non-stick pot, you’ll have no trouble when it comes to cleaning the device. This appliance also has a 24-hour keep-warm function and preset timer.


  • Suitable usage for large household
  • Cook a perfectly fluffy rice
  • Easy to clean
  • Keep-warm and Preset-timer functions

7. Cuckoo CRP-P1009SB Rice Cooker

Cuckoo CRP-P1009SB Rice Cooker

With this rice-cooking device, you’ll get to enjoy the tasty and healthy brown rice in just a matter of a click. Besides its function as a rice cooker, it also offers various settings that enable you to cook multiple recipes like cheese, yogurt, chicken soup, or porridge. Basically, all you need to do is to read the instructions provided and it’s done. Also, it comes with a smart voice guide in 3 languages including English, Chinese, and Korean. With its smart function of collecting the water vapors, it preserves the good taste of your cooked rice and eliminates any bad odors and bacteria. The auto-steaming cleaning can be activated in just a click. By doing so, you’ll get to spare some of your efforts in cleaning the interior part of this appliance. And not least of all, the stainless-steel inner lid also allows to you effortlessly clean this equipment thanks to its non-stick feature.


  • Serves delicious and tasty brown rice
  • Multi-cooking settings
  • Maintains the good taste of the cook-riced
  • Auto-steam cleaning
  • Easy to clean

6. Cuckoo CRP-P0609S Rice Cooker

Cuckoo CRP-P0609S Rice Cooker

This is a Korean-premium electric pressure rice cooker that addresses easy-cooking, high pressure, and smart algorithm functions. With this rice-cooking device, you’ll get to enjoy the tasty GABA rice (Germinated brown rice) in just a touch of a button and it will turn into delicious and healthy brown rice for you. Not only that it serves the rice-cooking purpose, its multi-cooking functions also allow you to enjoy most of the recipes that you desire including homemade yogurt, cheese, chicken soup, porridge, bread baking, and so on. To maintain the good taste of your cooked rice, this type of appliance collects the evaporated water and preserve them within your rice. To add, this function as well aims at getting rid of the bad smell, and bacteria from your rice. With just a press of a button, it activates the auto-steam cleaning making the interior side sanitized and clean. With the stainless-steel inner lid, you can easily make this rice cooker clean.


  • Serves delicious and healthy food – brown rice
  • Allows to cook loads of recipes
  • Preserves the warmness and taste of the cooked rice
  • Auto-steam cleaning
  • Easy to clean

5. Cuckoo CRP-DHSR0609FD Rice Cooker

Cuckoo CRP-DHSR0609FD Rice Cooker

With its experience in the field for over 40 years, it gives this brand a good image and considers as a trusted brand for such a product line. This can serve as your personal kitchen assistant with its 14-cooking functions as well as voice navigation of 3 well-known languages including Korean, Chinese, and English. Aiming for durability, it is made from stainless steel; and a non-stick, and non-scratch surface. With its fast-cooking function, the food will get served to you in no time. The lid also designs for easy usage with just a press, and you’ll get to clean the mess inside the rice cooker. This rice-cooking device also aims for safety for its users and equip all sorts of protection functions like pressure emission, auto temperature control, and so forth. And not least of all, its serving capacity is just right for a small-size family.


  • Good reputation for over 40 years
  • Good kitchen assistant
  • Voice navigations – English, Chinese, and Korean
  • Fast-cooked
  • Easy to clean
  • High level of protection

4. Cuckoo CR-0631F Rice Cooker

Cuckoo CR-0631F Rice Cooker

Cuckoo is a trusted brand in selling rice cooker for more than 4 decades now. Going for a safety-first mindset, this rice cooker comes in all kinds of designs including a lid-locking, auto temperature control, automatic steam, and pressure emission; that ensures the highest safety level for its users. In this regard, you need not worry about getting burnt or any other harms from using such a device. This kitchen appliance also comes in various special features like fast-cooking and reheating options. With its advanced technology, your meal is cooked in no time saving you a lot of energy and time. Thus, with the reheating option, you can always get yourself warm food at will. Equipped with a premium inner bowl and other high-quality materials, this product aims for the qualities of durability, strength, and performance. With just a press and you’ll get the lid opened and get the interior part cleaned.


  • Trusted brand of over 40 years
  • Safety-first mindset
  • Fast-cooking and reheating options
  • Durable, and high performance
  • Easy to clean

3. Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker

This model of a rice cooker serves a fast-cooking purpose that helps you save your time and energy up to 70%. With its multi-cooking functions, it can replace 7 kitchen appliances including a pressure cooker, sear pot, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, and warmer. With its smart 14 built-in smart programs, you need just a press to serve yourself and your families a very delicious meal set. Thus, with its fingerprint-resistant and a stainless-steel made, all the components are easily washed and cleaned. This brand of a rice cooker also launches its application in the iOS and Android devices where you can get access to loads of recipes. Coming in 10 built-in safety features like protection against overheat, safety lock, and more; you’ll get the advanced level of safety protection. It also designs with the 24-hour automatic keep-warm that allows you to preserve your cooked food at a nice temperature for a maximum of 24 hours. Last but not least, this cooking appliance is perfect for a small household that has up to 6 members at most.


  • Save up to 70% of energy
  • Multi-cooking functions
  • 14 built-in smart programs
  • Fingerprint-resistance and stainless steel
  • Keep-warm setting
  • Perfect for small household

2. Rice Cooker by COMFEE

Rice Cooker by COMFEE

Ranking 2nd on the list is the rice cooker by COMFEE. With its 6-step cooking process function, it achieves the ideal cooking performance offering perfect fluffy rice. Known for its cooking versatility, it has 17 digital cooking programs in total. This special feature can save you from having to buy different appliances just for cooking different meals. This rice cooker also ensures a higher level of safety for its users as it comes in a cool-touch handle that allows you to easily and safely open the cooker’s lid. Regarding its cooking capacity, it can yield up to 20 cups of cooked rice to serve a large family or any outdoor activities. Thus, it is a user-friendly appliance with its advanced technology of sensitive touch panel with just a light press. It’s also a flexible device that has a 24-hour delay timer and a 12-hour auto keep-warm setting. For washing purposes, its design of a stainless-steel exterior makes it convenient for cleaning.


  • Cooking versatility
  • High level of safety
  • Sensitive touch function
  • Large capacity for cooking
  • The 12-hour auto keep-warm function
  • Easy to clean

1. Toshiba Rice Cooker

Toshiba Rice Cooker

The top of the lists is the rice cooker by Toshiba. This brand is the first-ever kitchen appliance brand that came on the market in 1955 and has since then been a leader in the industry. It comes in a 6-step cooking process that can cook perfectly fluffy rice. Also, it has 7-program cooking settings and can cook up to 12 bowls of rice which is perfect for a large-family serving. Not to mention, it has a quick-cooking feature consuming just 30 minutes. To add, its 24-hour auto keep-warm setting preserves the cooked rice at a just-right temperature. This cooking appliance also comes with a 2-program delay time feature meaning you can set the timer to make the rice ready right when you want to have a meal. You’ll also find no messy overflow when the steam rises through the vent as you cook. Most important of all, it comes with an easy mobility function where you can conveniently move the cooker from the counter to the table without getting burned.


  • Quick-cooking feature
  • 24-hour auto keep-warm setting
  • The 2-program delay time feature
  • Neat cooking process
  • Easy mobility and cleaning


All in all, we hope you find the information we provided about the rice cooker and the popular list of such products useful for you. After going through the features and the advantages that each of the top picks has to offer, you can weigh them with the costs you have to expense. In this regard, we ensure you’ll get the best result out of your rationality.

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